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Custom cardboard hanging dispaly stand

    Jenis pembayaran: L/C,D/P
    Incoterm: FOB
    Min. Memesan: 200 Set/Sets
    Waktu pengiriman: 15 Hari
Info dasar

Bahan: Kertas

Tempat Tampilan: Dalam

Pemakaian: Supermarket dan Toko

Additional Info

Kemasan: Carton

Merek: JIADI

Transportasi: Ocean,Land,Air

Tempat asal: CHINA

Pelabuhan: Shengzhen

Deskripsi Produk

The cardboard hanging dispaly stand, black and high-end, is the best choice for you to display products, suitable for stores and supermarkets.

Product specification: 55*35*165
MOQ: 200 set
Number of customers: 1500 sets
Production time: 15 days
Note: This product is made for previous customers, not for sale, only for reference.
The evaluation needs information: 1., effect or reference map, 2. indicates size 3. indicating quantity (the final price is determined by the customer's template).

Toy Hanging Display Stand

When ordering products, please look at the following points carefully.

1 on the structure: this style is a cooperative customer case, for reference only, can not be purchased directly. If you want to order, you can customize similar patterns according to your promotion theme, product packaging size, display quantity.
2, about design: according to your product packaging size, carrying weight, consumer group, terminal store space, regional market positioning for structural design.
3 about material: our company basically adopts high strength corrugated paper mounted powder, which meets the requirements of low carbon environmental protection.
4: This is a picture display structure according to our customers do printed documents, we according to the buyer's non Lin printing documents.
5, about price: because the product is customized, so the price on the Internet is not the real price, and it can't be directly ordered. The specific price can be calculated according to the structure and size, material, printing picture, material requirement and quantity.
6 large demand: all the paper exhibits first provide the design map confirmation, confirm the design before the design, again after the sample confirmation can be produced.
7 small quantity demand: the minimum quantity of our department is 200, the quantity is too little is the sample, the cost is relatively high. (you can also go to the exhibition area for your general website)
8 advance deposit: product is our production according to customer confirmation sample,( 54649753, 54649489, 54579222, 54579137, 54578982, 54578833, 54578687, 54578530, 54513506, 54513132, 54512964, 54219708,not the general goods not satisfied or not love we can return again sold to others, we do not have any loss), but the product is made of printing, so to pay the deposit in advance, or because the customer suddenly not goods the manufacturers, we suffer great losses. So, please understand and support!

9 printing color: because of different color difference of display screen, the color difference of printed products is about 10%, which is a normal phenomenon. In this case, we can confirm the color of Lin Lin Xiao sample before making big goods.

Jiadi Company

This product has the following characteristics:

Performance: all parts are made of high quality paper with high strength corrugated paper and high strength corrugated paper, which can be folded, assembled, reused, and without any tools.
Uses: advertising promotion, short-term promotion, product display; suitable for placing in supermarkets, shopping malls, franchised stores, large stores and other places;
Advantages: low price, green environmental protection, bright color, terminal selling advertising tools;
Design: it can be designed according to the customer's drawings, and can also be designed according to customer requirements and product characteristics.

The product is made of high quality corrugated paper combined with exquisite patterns. The product is new, beautiful, convenient transportation and low cost, which is the display and display product of the new generation of shopping malls.
The product can be assembled and disassembled at any time, with the most visual impact, the effect of advertising and the excellent display effect. The structure is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the advertisement effect is very remarkable in the shopping mall, the supermarket and the pharmacy.

Floor Display Stands

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